Our mission is to provide reasonably priced solar installations to businesses and homes throughout the Tri-State Area; to encourage the growth of the solar industry. 

***PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the expiration of the Pennsylvania Sunshine Rebate, Solar Greenergy has temporarily stopped providing Residential Solar Quotes. 

People are quickly realizing the benefits of solar, and installing Solar Electric (Solar PV) systems on their homes and offices. Reducing or eliminating electric bills, protection from gas and oil price increases, and taking a part in protecting our planet, are just a few reasons a Solar PV system is a worthwhile investment.

With the current 30% federal tax credit and the income earned from selling SREC's - the time for solar is now! The sooner your system is installed, the sooner you can stop paying your utility company - and start saving money and earning income!

Explore our website to learn about Solar PV and the benefits it can bring to you and the environment!

***Please note that the Pennsylvania Sunshine State Rebate is no longer available.  A typical Pennsylvania payback, with the 30% Federal Tax Credit, is currently anywhere from 12-18 years, depending on the size of the system and the products installed (figuring $45/SREC and $.146/kWh). 

New Jersey's payback is currently anywhere from a 8 to 10 year payback, depending on the size of the system and products installed (figuring $150/SREC and $.146/kWh).

The typical upfront cost of a Solar System, using standard panels and a central inverter, is about $30,000 - $45,000.  The price depends on the number of panels installed, ease of installation, as well as the products selected for the installation (panels and inverter).

At this time, Solar Greenergy offers a Solar System Purchase only, with no financing options available.  To receive a quote, please email the requested information, on our Contact page, to info@solargreenergy.net, and a quote will be emailed back to you within 3-5 business days.